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AI Ops

SmartCirqls offers solutions that combine Machine Learning with KPI & IT Service monitoring algorithms to predict service degradation before an incident occurs. We help simplify investigations, get to the root cause of incidents and accelerate resolutions.

  • Use ML powered predictive cause analysis to learn when services are likely to degrade and prevent and remedy service levels proactively.
  • Deep dive to the origin of an incident in services, applications or infrastructure with the help of advanced analytics for investigation dashboards.
  • Filter and prioritize events and automate incident workflows.
  • Search and analyze across all layers of the IT stack for advanced troubleshooting.
AI Ops

IT Service Intelligence

Today's digital business rely heavily on service response time to meet the needs of the high value - high volume ecosystem their customers thrive on. SmartCirqls understands that despite housing a repository of valuable information, enterprises struggle with zeroing-in on the cause of service degredation or outage.

  • Move to IT service intelligence powered by AI.
  • Predict outage by mapping degraded service KPIs to corresponding issues.
  • Sift through piles of events to get to Root Cause and proactively prevent outage.
  • Gaining a holistic view of IT and business performance on a single pane of glass.
IT Service Intelligence

Predictive Analytics

Instead of waiting for an incident to occur, and course-correcting after visible warning signs, Predictive IT Analytics draws insights from a variety of data pools. SmartCirqls helps enterprises to transform their IT strategy to meet today's cutting edge demands.

  • Convert analysis into actionable insights which can improve your future performance.
  • Predict and prevent imminent outages, maintaining optimized resource usage.
  • Accelerate root cause analysis via predictive visibility into determining factors.
  • Ensure sustained business continuity for mission-critical apps and customer services.
Predictive Analytics

Infrastructure Monitoring

SmartCirqls can bring you a comprehensive view of your entire infrastructure on a single-pane-of-glass to increase your operational efficiency and reduce downtime.

  • Measure uptime, performance, and response time of mission-critical applications and the infrastructure they run on, all on a single stack platform.
  • Monitor all IT Infrastructure data, from any source and in any format.
  • Assimilate and correlate logs and metrics for troubleshooting and alerts.
Infrastructure Monitoring

Event Management

With IT processes becoming more complex every day, in-house teams are under pressure and overburdened to maintain business continuity. SmartCirqls leverages big data to automate event management in ITIL/ITSM.

  • Continuously monitor events and assess its significance / risk impact.
  • Gain prompt notifications and alerts on breaching pre-set KPIs and thresholds.
  • Escalate exceptions to the right stakeholder for prompt resolution.
  • Analyze historical event trends to prevent negative events where possible.
Event Management

Log Analytics

Diversification in device and data types has exponentially increased the complexities around log monitoring and management. SmartCirqls brings a data-driven and easy-to-use platform for log management and search optimization, best suited to your IT needs.

  • Machine data indexing regardless of format or location.
  • Single interface for both real-time and historical data search, across cloud, on prem, or hybrid log locations.
  • Automated notifications on fixed / dynamic thresholds or trend-based anomaly detection.
  • Reports, graphs, and chart building for a wide range of monitoring use cases across IT infrastructure, legacy applications, and business servicess.
Log Analytics


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