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Enabling Enterprise-wide IT Operational Analytics (ITOA)
for an Indian Telecom Giant

About the Customer

The customer is India’s rapidly growing telecom network with a diverse range of services in its portfolio. Unlike telecom majors, the company also has a substantial product business, operating multiple smart devices in conjunction with its service offerings. The company operates a complex network and IT ecosystem with multiple customized applications, and urgently needed visibility into applications performance and subscriber behavior to scale its business.

Executive Summary

The Telecom company was a massive disruptor in India’s connectivity landscape, offering a competitive portfolio of devices and services. It gained a large user base in a very short period of time and wanted to stand out ahead of incumbent Telcos in the country. However, there were severe complexities in the network, IT operations, and device analytics frameworks. The company’s custom applications leveraged different architectures, some requiring customized application management. Meanwhile, data from over 200,000 switches needed advanced network analytics. The device product team required on-the-fly dashboards to monitor daily app upgrades. SmartCirqls delivered a two-pronged solution, spanning network & IT on the one hand, and device analytics on the other.

Here’s what we did:
  • Built custom app management dashboards for mission-critical applications
  • Setup a flexible, fast time to market solution for device analytics in the pre-production phase itself
  • Real-time 360 degree product management on a single-pane-of glass for device apps
  • IP/MPLS advanced analytics for pan-India network

The Solution

SmartCirqls assessed the environment and implemented comprehensive solutions, covering the Telco’s enterprise-wide data analytics needs.

Business-critical applications that needed specialized support were identified in the initial phase. SmartCirqls designed application management dashboards which would collect and process data from custom application logs, error logs, and operating system logs, covering 3,000+ hosts. This enabled timely detection, resolution and prevention of failure, supported by the Network Operations Center setup. The NOC was provided with a high availability IP/MPLS analytics platform that integrated with their 3rd party ticketing tool to perform advanced analytics and maintenance of circle-wise network performance. This reduced the overall Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) across the organization.


Devices teams required a specialized product management platform with niche analytics capabilities. A fast time to market solution was implemented with ‘schema on the fly’ capabilities. This allowed different custom log formats of different device clients, that would remain resilient to constant change management. The analytics data was converted to a product management view, delivering action points to business users and technical teams alike during critical pre-launch and post-launch activities.


  • Zero visibility into application performance
  • Absence of adaptive device analytics
  • Difficulty in managing custom log formats
  • Inadequate customization in reporting tools
  • Constant change management and high MTTR
  • Lack of scalability due to rigid monitoring tools


  • Visibility into application performance within minutes of log ingestion
  • Reduction in enterprise-wide MTTR
  • Proactive monitoring and investigation of circle-wise degradation
  • 100% visibility of device analytics KPIs for application delivery
  • Increased device adoption due to optimal performance

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Data Sources
  • Custom Application Data
  • Network logs
  • Mobile App Logs