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Scaling tech ops to the next level with BookMyShow

About the customer

Established in 1999, Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is India’s leading ticketing, event data, and comparison solutions provider. It is responsible for managing BookMyShow -- the country’s first and largest entertainment ticketing company. Bigtree has a wide network of partners and suppliers, operating through contact centers, web-based interfaces, mobile apps, and also brick-and-mortar kiosks. This led to several IT complexities and challenges in scaling operations.

Executive Summary

BookMyShow was looking for a simple way to manage and monitor IT logs.As their business scaled exponentially over a short period, monitoring the application environment was becoming more and more challenging and required a comprehensive solution to manage scale and complexity, to IT operations and log management, as well as developing develop insights-driven dashboards on the fly. Further, the solution needed to support easy onboarding of custom data sources, allowing BookMyShow to scale rapidly and offer new services to its users.

Here’s what we did:
  • Initiated an end-to-end review of the customer’s landscape
  • Designed and implemented a solution with high configurability
  • Enabled live real-time dashboards
  • Empowered BookMyShow’s IT team with self-service IT Operational Analytics

The Solution

BookMyShow’s IT Operations and log management framework was overhauled by transforming the monitoring architecture and driving scalability across the enterprise.

This allowed the BookMyShow team to monitor their customized apps, and build IT and operational analytics dashboards specific to their business operations, by leveraging in-house expertise at SmartCirqls. One of the key modules included an alert mechanism, triggering autonomous changes to the user experience on the BookMyShow web and mobile applications based on failure patterns. Using this technology stack to power innovation, the organization was able to stay abreast of user expectations and deliver the best possible service quality.

SmartCirqls ensured that the new framework covered a variety of data sources, from error logs and application logs to web-server and container logs. BookMyShow could now run queries on different data sources from one solution, streamlining investigations, automating reporting and remediation actions. As a result, BookMyShow successfully gained massive time and efforts savings by simplifying Operational Analytics, while reducing overheads for change management cycles.


  • Scale and complexities in log monitoring & management
  • Lack of streamlined IT operations
  • Ill-equipped for custom data source onboarding and querying
  • Absence of security use cases through data logs
  • Limited to only error-log collection & search, without genuine deep dive
  • Difficulty in meeting high volume traffic during peak periods


  • Cut down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for multiple software products to serve different data sources and analytics needs.
  • Improve efficiency levels by helping BookMyShow’s L1 team quickly solve complex incidents across various data sources.
  • Scale architecture by adopting an agile and flexible Big Data-based solution, ready for rapid data searching and advanced investigations.
  • Expand IT capabilities through use cases beyond IT operations such as Business Analytics and Security

"With assistance from the supportive teams at SmartCirqls, we have been able to set up high-availability architecture to optimize our resources and get maximum ROI."

- Viraj Patel (Head of Technology at BookMyShow)

Data Sources
  • Custom Application Logs
  • Container Logs
  • Security Logs