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Big Data at a click with SmartCirqls

Business Intelligence

Data-driven decision making gives businesses an edge over their competitors. Actionable insights from diverse big-data and traditional data sets can help identify the root cause of persistent business problems, and accelerate course correction.

SmartCirqls enterprise-grade business intelligence solutions empower executives across functions, enabling them to enhance productivity and revenue.

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IT Operations

Transform business processes and align your IT strategy with cloud and big data technology. Today, IT is the backbone of any successful enterprise, requiring high levels of effort and investment.
SmartCirqls brings you 360-degree visibility over enterprise IT, applying advanced analytics to unlock hidden insights into existing issues and future scenarios.

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Security Analytics

With cyber threats evolving every day, and liabilities for breaches increasing year on year, security stakeholders can no longer afford to leave organizations vulnerable. Protect your enterprise from internal & external threats, known & unknown attacks, by upgrading your security framework to power better, faster decisions.

SmartCirqls brings you state-of-the-art SIEM and ML powered Security Analytics platforms that identify risks, prevent breaches, investigate incidents, and battle attacks, while simplifying your audit and compliance processes.

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Application Management

The success and impact of your enterprise applications rides on consistent performance and seamless customer experiences.

SmartCirqls brings you enterprise grade APM solutions that aggregate historical and real-time data across all application phases. You can now speed up software release, automate incident management, and ensure the highest possible uptime for your customers.

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Cloud Operations

Enterprises are rapidly moving to the cloud to reduce capex, increase agility, and pave the way for future growth. This brings in emerging questions around IT visibility, security, and optimized operations.

SmartCirqls cloud management solutions integrate with all major cloud providers so that operations, governance, and migration are managed for all your cloud accounts under a single view.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Unleash the power of machine data to optimize your IoT ecosystem. The success of your industrial projects is hinged on continuous visibility, rapid response, and optimum availability across IoT devices.

SmartCirqls applies the power of Big Data Analytics to enable predictive maintenance for your IoT ecosystem, reducing downtime for mission-critical industrial assets.

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Case Study
Open Banking API Performance for a Leading European Bank

SmartCirqls leveraged the power of high-performance API analytics to deliver customized compliance & operations monitoring for the bank, automating CMA compliance reporting, increasing the transaction volume capability and improving performance for end customers. 

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Splunk .conf Session
Low Tech is the New High Tech

Centralizing Wind Farm Monitoring in the Face of Development Challenges in India - a look at how a big data architecture was made viable to analyze wind turbine data across rural India.

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