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Boosting OTT Customer
Conversion by 45%
for ZEE's DittoTV

About the Customer

Zee Entertainment Enterprises is a leading content and media provider based out of India. The company ventured into OTT in 2012 with DittoTV – India’s 1st over-the-top streaming application by an Indian broadcaster. Inspired by its success, the company then evolved multiple digital content properties as part of its on-demand content solution available across multiple countries. The DittoTV project in 2012 was backed by India’s largest media conglomerate which enjoys 80% network share. However, given that OTT was still at a nascent stage of maturity in the region, the company was struggling to consolidate data and generate insights that would translate into measurable business value.

Executive Summary

ZEE made it’s mark as India’s first OTT streaming provider. Despite having a strong legacy and a bold footprint in the country’s media market, it was taking a disruptive stride in 2012: an OTT streaming service with a globally distributed architecture. This spanned a variety of data sources including Content Delivery Networks (CDN) logs, custom applications, life TV schedules, subscriber data, and third-party payment gateways. The media company needed a solution that would bring together all of these disparate touchpoints into a singular platform for improved operational intelligence and streamlined IT.  This would make the OTT app future-ready and scalable,  delivering high-quality content with ease.

Here’s what we did:
  • Centralized analytics from a distributed architecture across India, Germany , US
  • Enabled actionable insights for product and operational improvements
  • Custom built a CRM dashboard with real-time customer monitoring in 4 days
  • Increased revenue by reducing failure rates in subscription payments & video streaming

The Solution

SmartCirqls deployed an advanced analytics solution to offer the customer a State-of-the-Art Operational Intelligence platform.

We partnered with the media company to drive an end-to-end setup of its OTT app management capabilities.  We understood the need for location-specific insights to help our customer gain an edge over its competitors in India. In Phase 1, SmartCirqls designed Operational Insights and Business KPI dashboards that queried incoming data from various sources (web and mobile apps,  subscriber data bases,  CMS systems,  and third-party transactions) in near real time, to provide visibility to product and business teams alike. Key metrics displayed included regional viewing patterns, subscriber churn, content-wise user profiles, peak versus non-peak behavior, streaming quality, failures and unknown errors, and revenue impact.

In Phase 2, to address the need of responding to customer activity in real-time, we built a full-feature Customer Relationship & Support Platform. This enabled the viewing of end-user information with real-time interaction history,  as well as records of errors encountered, device information, content views, and packages purchased. Finally, in Phase 3, to future-proof the application ecosystem, we evolved the IT Operations Analytics methodology. The media company could now track application performance,  monitor session issues, detect content piracy loopholes to respond to breaches near real time, and prevent payment & streaming failures.


  • Multiple custom data sources,  third-party applications, and data formats, leading to difficulties in data consolidation
  • Poor market readiness as the customer was an early mover in India's OTT landscape
  • Globally distributed architecture, hindering a single source for visibility
  • Different payment systems across platforms: net banking, prepaid cash cards, and Apple Pay
  • Inadequate business insights, holding back innovation
  • A complex IT environment arising from a multi-channel presence
  • High piracy rates causing lack of trust of digital ecosystems by content owners and broadcasters


  • A 20% uptick in monthly subscriptions based on top-selling packs for each payment mode
  • 15% increase in conversion rates from cold calls and 45% from support services
  • Reduction in root cause analysis timelines from days to minutes
  • $40,000 savings in hardware costs and $32,000-worth custom CRM replaced with a real-time CRM, at ZERO additional spends
  • Real-time dashboards for product management and business leaders, eliminating the need for an in-house business analytics team.
  • Anti-piracy detection and response to mitigate pirated content distribution

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Data Sources
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) logs
  • Custom Application logs – Web and Mobile
  • Content Metadata & Live TV Schedule JSON
  • Subscriber DB, CMS DB
  • Transaction Data – Netbanking, iTunes, POS, Prepaid cards