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Webinar #3: Elasticsearch Sizing, Capacity
Planning, Best Practices and Scaling.

Webinar: Elasticsearch Sizing, Capacity Planning.


Elasticsearch is a scalable distributed system. Whether you use it for logs, metrics, or application search, and whether you run it yourself or hosted in the cloud, you need to plan the infrastructure and configuration of Elasticsearch to ensure a healthy and high-performance deployment.

This webinar covers the capacity planning frameworks, methodologies, and best practices used by the solutions architects at Elastic. You will learn how to estimate the architecture requirements for typical Elasticsearch use cases.


  • Architecture, behaviors, and usage patterns of Elasticsearch
  • Resource demands of Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch capacity planning methodologies


This webinar is intended for a technical audience interested in capacity planning and architecture of a production Elastic environment. 




Solutions Architect, Elastic

A Solutions Architect at Elastic, Ravi has over a decade of Solution Architecture and Consulting Experience across Fintech, BFSI and various Middleware technologies. He has deep experience with the Elastic Stack having built solutions on Elastic for many years now.